How Are Scholarships Named?
Typically, a scholarship is awarded in the name of the donor when the donation is $500 or more.  However, exceptions can be made. 
Most often smaller donations are combined with other donations to create a $500 scholarship.
How Do I Apply?

The application process begins on March 1. The application can be downloaded from this website at that time or can be picked up at the Luxemburg-Casco High School Guidance office.  Click the Scholarships menu above for a link to the application.

When Are Scholarships Distributed?

Scholarships are distributed after successful completion of the first semester of post-secondary education. See the scholarship application for full details.

How Do I Donate?

Donations in any amount can be sent to:

Luxemburg-Casco Scholarship Inc
P.O. Box 445
Luxemburg, WI 54217

A meeting to discuss donations can be set up by contacting the LCSI President: Michael Tust at or

How Are Scholarships Awarded?
The applicants name is removed from the application during the review process.  Next, the LCSI screening committee reviews all applications. 
Students are given point values for academics, extra circular activity and outside employment, and for the essay requested on the application. 
The committee uses the points system to select recipients   Recipients with the highest points are awarded scholarships with considerations for donor criteria when applicable.
For example, a donor specified the recipient should be planning to attend school for Welding.  Only students who specify Welding are considered for this particular award.  The scholarship is given to the student with the highest point score of the group that specified Welding as a major.
Who Should Consider Donating?

Anyone looking to help Luxemburg-Casco High School students with their post-secondary education should donate to LCSI.

LCSI is a 501(c)(3) corporation. This means that individuals, businesses and trusts can make tax deductible donations. LCSI makes the process easy. We manage the funds, applications, selection and distribution of scholarships.

Who Can Apply?
Students attending and graduating from Luxemburg-Casco High School are eligible to apply for an LCSI scholarship.
Can I choose who Receives my scholarship dollars?

LCSI strives to be flexible to meet the needs of donors and students.  A donor of $500 or more may choose to select the recipient or may designate selection criteria such as field of study.